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Hello Everyone

Hey there,

I hope life is finding everyone happy, well, and letting everyone live their best lives! Its a crazy world we live in nowadays and selfcare is of the utmost importance for our physical and above all our mental health. As a veteran who struggled / struggles with mental health since my time in service ended its hard for me to remember that sometimes.

I created this page to slow down take a breath and remind everyone, including myself (ancestors know I need the reminder) to not only love others but to love ourselves. Don't forget to recharge your physical and mental batteries when needed.

I will be posting information, articles, as well as links to products and services that have been extremely critical to my wellbeing that may as well be important to others but may have gone missed without someone sharing. Also, I will hopefully be sharing some of my stories and adventures along the way!

For those of you who are reading this thank you so much for stopping by. I hope this information helps if you're searching and at the very least you enjoy your time here. Those who are struggling remember you're not alone, you are loved, love yourself.

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Energy Healing Techniques

Energy mending can be an amazingly useful asset to assist you with transforming you, particularly when you are attempting to show more love, cash, achievement and wealth.

Its the most widely recognized tool that people use to assist themselves with moving their vibration.

Also, the thing about energy recuperating that a many individuals don't have the foggiest idea, is that there are procedures you can utilize yourself, whenever, anyplace.

You don't generally require an expert healer to change your energy!

Continue to peruse underneath to figure out how you can rehearse energy mending yourself.


At whatever point you feel like your energy is stuck or obstructed Meridian Healing is an incredible instrument to utilize.

Meridian Healing is one of the most established mending processes in clinical science and can be utilized to animate specific energy pathways in the body to deliver hindered energy and reestablish harmony.

Furthermore, as indicated by The Complementary Medical Association can even be utilized as a way of mending acquired injuries just as self procured ones.

So how might you utilize this recuperating methodology on yourself?

By applying delicate strain to explicit meridian focuses on the body.

One of the meridians I love to deal with to assist with adjusting feelings such; as dread, tension and stress is the CV17 point which is situated in the focal point of your chest between your areolas on your bosom bone.

To actuate this point just apply delicate strain for a couple of moments, tenderly taking in and out until you begin to feel a feeling of quiet.

This is a magnificent instrument to assist with your showing as it clears negative feelings so you are allowed to draw in more good encounters.


Put resources into finding out about the chakra framework for insight into energy mending and such countless accommodating devices and methods to change your energy and thusly your life!

A few instances of straightforward methods you can use to fortify and adjust each chakra are:

Crown Chakra: Meditation

Third Eye Chakra: Visualization

Throat Chakra: Meditation

Heart Chakra: Acts of affection

Sun based Plexus Chakra: Sunlight

Sacral Chakra: Creativity

Root Chakra: Barefoot in nature


The last energy mending method is to help you when you feel: drained, hazy, unmotivated or even pitiful for reasons unknown.

This is a magnificent interaction to utilize when you are manifesting as it serves to rapidly raise your vibration!

Regardless of whether it's in the shower, on the telephone or even at the general store.

To rehearse this procedure follow these means:

Stage 1. Shut your eyes

Stage 2. Take 3 full breaths

Stage 3. Envision that you are sitting under an excellent cascade of light.

Furthermore, that this light is falling over you, purging your whole energy field. Stay in this space.

Stage 4. At the point when you feel you've finished open your eyes.

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Understanding Your Metabolism Is A Key To Better Health

Regardless of whether you're sleeping, or reading this website, your body is consistently working. It never stops, since we have to eat to live it's continually putting away and burning-through energy from food.

This constant process is called metabolism. The body needs the energy produced from our metabolisms for literally everything even the smallest of tasks that we take for granted or just go unnoticed such as breaking down fat. Digestion tremendously affects our wellbeing.

We feel better when digestion is working as it should be. We have more energy, get better results from our fitness routines because our bodies will send the right chemical "signals" to your metabolic framework. Even your mind-set will be more splendid if your digestion is even. Metabolic aggravations are connected with significant depression.

If not for digestion, every one of the great nutrients you eat wouldn't benefit your body in any way. Digestion is the way your body turns the supplements in a delectable dish or a delicious smoothie into energy – and into the natural substances your body needs to construct muscles and fix tissues and organs.

Your eating routine is quite possibly the main thing that can modify your digestion. Since numerous supplements fill in as the structure blocks for the chemicals that manage digestion, in the event that you have an even eating regimen – you're getting the supplements you want and in the right amounts – then, at that point, your digestion will in all likelihood work appropriately. However, say you're eating bunches of food varieties that are high in sugar. This overabundance sugar will disturb your digestion, and put you in danger of creating metabolic sicknesses.

Exercise, as well, profoundly affects your metabolic wellbeing. Truth be told, some exploration recommends that drawn out actual preparing makes your digestion work all the more proficiently.

Something different that influences your digestion is your age: your digestion "dials back" as you age, so your body amasses fat all the more without any problem. Certain practices can likewise make changes your digestion. For instance, in the event that you're not getting sufficient rest, your digestion will be adversely impacted.

Hormones let your metabolic framework know when to store or utilize energy – and when it should assemble or separate significant supplements. While your body produces a large number, there are 3 chemicals specifically that can give you fantastic data about your wellbeing. These three chemicals are the thyroid chemicals, testosterone, and cortisol.


At the front of your windpipe is an organ called the thyroid. Despite the fact that it's little, it assumes a major part in the body's digestion. This organ is in charge of discharging two significant chemicals: T3 and T4.

These two chemicals travel through your circulatory system and direct your metabolic framework in numerous ways (for instance, they let your cells in on when to one or the other separate fats or store more fats).


However many individuals consider testosterone just a male chemical, it's extraordinarily significant for a sound digestion in all kinds of people. Testosterone is essential to even fat digestion and muscle creation. Truth be told, lower-than-ordinary degrees of testosterone prompts your body to expand its fat mass.

On other hand, on the off chance that a man has an excessive amount of testosterone flowing through his body, he might be more peevish and have a lower sperm consider – as a part of other unfortunate results. Ladies with a lot of testosterone might put on more weight, have overabundance skin inflammation, and surprisingly male example hair loss.

Testosterone additionally directs rest and mind-set, so for this multitude of so its significant that your testosterone levels are inside an ordinary, solid reach.


Cortisol – named the "stress chemical" – is delivered into your circulatory system when your body detects a danger or crisis. Cortisol makes your body dump glucose (sugar atoms) into the circulation system, giving you the fuel you want to react to the apparent danger. For instance, in case you're out climbing and you out of nowhere experience a fearsome hunter – a bear, maybe – then, at that point, cortisol starts a flood of glucose that gives you the energy to "acute stress."

Perhaps cutoff times are continually approaching over your head, and the gridlock on the way to the workplace doesn't improve the situation. In circumstances like these – where you're constantly worried – cortisol will keep siphoning you brimming with glucose.

Since your body will not utilize this abundance glucose, it'll transform the glucose into fat. Along these lines, persistent pressure can prompt horribly undeniable degrees of cortisol – and bring about weight gain.